Project & Site Management

Let UK-DC manage your construction and site projects.

image1-1UK-DC offer project management and site management services to both commercial and domestic clients in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. Managing projects can be expensive, daunting and time consuming, and without the expert knowledge mistakes can be made and time and money can be lost.

UK-DC offer exert project and site management services to client who will see the benefits including:

  • On-site management where necessary to ensure that quality is being maintained, whilst keeping to the required schedules, and ensuring costs are being managed effectively.
  • Offering access to industry specialists including; architects, structural engineers etc, at competitive rates.
  • Offering quality tradesmen such as builders, plumbers, electricians etc, all at extremely competitive prices.
  • Liaising with industry specialists and the local authorities to ensure all relevant building, planning and health and safety are met.
  • Liaising with all relevant personnel to save the client time, money and hassle.

UK-DC can get involved at the planning stage of the project and are available to work through to its conception managing the process start to finish. In most occasions this level of project management will in-fact save clients money when you consider the cost savings made on supplies, trades and labour, and in time saved by letting us manage the project on your behalf.

For more information about UK-DC’s site and project management services please contact us by email or phone.